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Working With You

Financial goals and management come in different shapes and sizes - just like any of us. Depending on where you are in your life's journey, this could include the design and management of your investments, planning - or living - your retirement, building and coordinating your retirement incomes, managing your risk, protecting your assets, planning for your young children's well-being, reducing your tax exposure, capitalizing on and maximizing all of your workplace benefits, financing your home purchase and property management, improving your budget, efficiently passing along your assets to those you love, or any combination of the above. John works with clients to become their go to person on these financial challenges, and others that have come up in his clients lives. 

John's process is to get to know you, listen a lot, learn what's most important to you, listen some more, and then design solutions and share them with you. Through regular contact, the frequency of which is determined by the his clients' wishes, John will monitor, update you and guide you. As John manages portfolios he regularly keeps you abreast of investment performance, market trends and the other moving parts of the financial world like legislative changes around taxes, retirement planning, or social security, among many others.